I thought that this would be a chaotic start to reviewing media that I've consumed this year, and Psychotown says all! This certainly isn't mentioned much online with only one fan artist in existence (for now...) and not many views on YouTube despite being free to watch there. But before I can give my thoughts on this unusual piece, context behind its creation would be nice.

Originally commissioned by Mike Judge- Creator of gems such as King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-Head, Office Space, etc.- Psychotown was concieved by Dave Carter and Nikos Andronicos for The Animation Show. More segments were later created and featured on FX's Cake, which was how I found about this. Despite me not being a huge fan of most of the other recurring series in this anthology, I'd be lying if I said that Psychotown was terrible!

With its edgy, satrical humor, I know that this isn't something everyone will enjoy, especially with most adult animation nowadays being unnecessarily vulgar and meaningless. Hell, it all has that soulless, flat, Rick and Morty-wannabe art style... But not this time! The stop-motion paper cutout animation style of Psychotown is actually unique, and I haven't seen any shows done entirely like this other than classic South Park. Even so, these two shows are obviously different in how this method is approached. In terms of storyline, you don't need to watch it in order as each episode is a few minutes long and has a standalone plot.

I've been dodging giving away what happens in this series, but that's only because it takes half an hour to watch all the way through and I don't want to ruin the experience. However, there is a trigger warning list in the description of the playlist I made in case you're vulnerable to dark topics. What did I think of it besides loving the art style? I've forgotten everyone's names, but I do remember the cursed jokes and plot of each segment. I felt bad for laughing at some of the edgy jokes, but as someone who unfortunately used to think that 2018 was the year of peak internet comedy, Psychotown is considered "normal".

How about a game of Oranges, anyone?

Final Score: 7/10