Recently, I watched a video by tppo on YouTube called "I wanna draw faster, so I tried Umibouzu's techniques". What he did was study and utilize the ways to draw quickly by an online artist, named Umibouzu, in order to speed up his art process. This inspired me to do a timed art challenge because I too, take too long to finish an art piece. Here I'll be doing a study of an obscure book cover by cosMo@bousouP. He is the composer of "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku", "Machine Gun Poem Doll", and what this book is based off of, "I Can't (Mar)read the Situation".*

*This title is a rough translation due to the original name "Boku Wa Kuuki Ga Yomenai" being a pun on marriage and social awkwardness.

Attempt #1: Base Sketch

I timed myself 30 minutes at first since my initial goal was to be able to do a full sketch in that time. Although I got 75% of that done... It looks like absolute dog shit. Even though I'm not copying the original cover's art style, I still hate this. Had I timed myself an hour, perhaps I would've been able to fix the anatomy. Oh well, at least I can do a more refined sketch on top after I get the other 25% done Also, here's some redlines.

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