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2023 News Feed

9/4/2023- Web update: Fun and Contact pages removed, YouTube linked on Socials page.

8/31/2023- Web Update: Gallery page changed to a small portfolio with art added, secret password-protected page removed.

8/30/2023- Web Update: More characters added to the pixel OC banner at the top of the website.

8/20/2023- Web update: Contact page created. Blog update: "2023-08-20 » College Life Update" posted.

7/19/2023- Web update: Tumblr linked on Socials page, numerous buttons and blinkies added to Home page.

6/13/2023- Web update: Author bio added to About page, Webcomic sub site development begins.

6/10/2023- Web update: Art images removed, announcement added, Art page renamed to Gallery, Comics page created. Blog Update: "2023-06-10 » Potential Comics Ramble" posted.

5/1/2023- Web update: Website temporarily downgraded to "free" membership, Music Player page removed until further notice.

4/15/2023- Web update: News Feed title updated to 2023. Blog update: "2023-04-15 » A Retractable Lollipop" posted.

4/4/2023- Blog update: "2023-04-03 » Working Tips For Neurodivergents" edited.

4/3/2023- Web update: Fun page created, Music Player added, Upgraded to Supporter for more space/features. Blog update: "2023-04-03 » Working Tips For Neurodivergents" posted.

4/2/2023- Web update: News Feed/Task List/Tagline added, Socials page updated to link images to websites, numerous images changed. Blog update: "2023-04-02 » Autism Acceptance Month" posted

3/31/2023- Blog update: "2023-03-31 » First Post" posted.

3/27/2023- Production of website development begins.

2/26/2023- Website domain created.

Task List

  • Better page mockup sketches
  • Research more on HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Work on comics
  • Save up money for monthly Supporter role
  • Add misc. fun features (TBA)
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