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2024 News Feed

5/11/2024- Social update: Italy brothers WIP posted to Pinterest.

5/6/2024- Web update: Picarto, Pinterest, and Twitch links have been added to Socials page.

5/4/2024- Social update: Hetalia doodle page posted to Pinterest.

4/25/2024- Web update: Socials page updated with hand-drawn icons.

4/18/2024- Social update: Zombie Kenny reposted to Mastodon.

4/17/2024- Comic update: Website has been redesigned to fit the comic's theme with any traces of Lemon Demon removed.

4/12/2024- Web update: Files in Gallery page have been reduced in size and linked to original posts, randomly generated taglines have been added to top of page, Tasklist replaced with Current Status feed.

1/25/2024- Blog update: "2024-01-25 » Random Review Corner Episode 1: Psychotown" posted.

1/9/2024- Web update: New art added to Gallery page, link added to Featured Elsewhere art.

1/3/2024- Blog update: "2024-01-03 » A Fresh Start" posted. Web update: New art added to Gallery page, numerous small changes for the 2024 year.

Current Status as of May 14, 2024: Wooo! Wooooo!! TETRIS!!!

I made the mistake of bringing out my Game Boy Advance to play Tetris after some years, and now I've been trying to get quicker at it so I can beat at least one of the Speedrun.com records. This is (with a low chance) doable, but I've been neglecting other activities that are much more productive...

At least I'm still drawing? There are too many unfinished files on my iPad and Computer, and yet I accumulate more as I easily get distracted by fresh, new ideas.

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