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While the owner of this website makes a new doodle to represent herself, Alfred F. Jones will keep you occupied in the meantime.


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    Angelina Mules is an artist from the USA, who primarily focuses on cartoon and anime styled art featuring robots, birds, and her life. She has an A.A.S degree for graphic design and wishes to sell her art at numerous pop culture conventions someday. This website will function as her webcomic domain, in which she'll post original stories, and potentially some fanfiction. Not only does she create art, Lina is currently experimenting with music production. One of the biggest inspirations that fuels her creativity is vocal synth music, especially in which it features the Vocaloid voicebank Hatsune Miku. Lina's biggest goal is to have people all over the world enjoy her creations, and to improve as an artist who can utilize a variety of mediums.

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